Monday, June 14, 2010

Carlo and the Rossies

Today we had the shortest drive thus far on the trip. We left Seattle after lunch and arrived in Portland to met our friend Amelia in the Rose Garden Park. We proceeded to make more friends in 3 nice girls we played frisbee with in the park.

Kristen, Sophie, Kate and I (Katie) left Julia with Amelia for a few hours and left Portland for Salem to make dinner for Alex, Kate's half sister who was kind enough to put us up for the night. We made spaghetti, corn on the cob and salad.

Julia was planning on taking a 9:30pm train from Portland to Salem, but surprise, surprise...she missed it. Were we expecting this...YES! But now, Julia is phoneless (she left it in her NC driveway...more surprise) and uncertain of her location in these new cities. She now is planning on catching an early 6:30am bus here....will this work out? No one knows.

Off to Redwood National Forest in the Morning. We will post again in San Francisco.

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