Sunday, June 13, 2010

MT=Montana, MT ≠Mountain

We arrived in Glacier National Park on Thursday after a quick lunch of mediocre bagels from Sunshine Bagel in Ennis, MT. We quickly found our site after a little chat about bears with our new favorite park ranger Chrystal Thurman, and then sat at the Beautiful McDonald Lake before dinner. It was VERYYYYYYYYYYY COLLLLDDDDDDDDDDD in Glacier, especially our first night because it was rather rainy (and Hail).

After our first cold night, we woke up late and had a lazy morning with pancakes, cards and frisbee. We then went on a 4 mile long round trip hike to a gorgeous lake in the middle of bear country. Although much of the park was still closed due to snow, we enjoyed a small part of the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road. Showers were far too expensive for our budget so we simply did without.

We had at this point perfected out fire starting technique and had another feast of pasta, hot dogs, tofu pups, corn, potatoes and popcorn. We threw the football around and became much better at Frisbee with a little practice (except Julia, she was just bad).

Off to Seattle!

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