Monday, June 28, 2010

Deserts of Enchantment

We made our first foe the morning we left the Grand Canyon- Sophie was yelled at by a park ranger for washing her hair in the drinking spigot. Did this put a damper on our day? Certainly not. Sophie merely finished washing her hair at our campsite using water bottles and then we were off to Santa Fe.

We arrived just in time for- you guessed it- dinner! See a pattern? Most of our travels, as with most of our lives, revolve around food. Kate's friend, Carol, greeted us and immediately took us to a restaurant called The Pyramid for delicious Mediterranean food. After dinner, we decided to watch Valentine's Day, a movie with just about every famous actor or actress you can imagine. So it seems as if it would be good, right? Wrong. It was actually pretty bad. Some of us enjoyed watching it, despite the surprisingly bad acting and screenplay. Sophie and Katie, it seemed, did not enjoy it at all. They did, however, make friends with Eugene, Carol's pet cockatiel. I must say, it was rather amusing to watch their interactions with the bird.

The next day, we went to lunch at Breakthrough-a mentoring program that Kate had taught at two years prior. We then headed to the plaza to explore the shops and such and had delicious guacamole at La Fonda, the restaurant where Carol works. Experimenting with our cameras, we took a lot of pictures using the black and white setting (hence the black and white photos). We later decided to again watch a movie before bed. This time we chose Invictus, a far better movie than Valentine's Day.

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