Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where in the U.S. is Carmen Sandiego?

After a leisurely start leaving Chicago around 11, we said goodbye to friends and headed towards our next stop. We drove through Wisconsin and entered Minnesota far earlier than expected, but the border of WI and MN was the most exciting part of our trip thus far. We rode over the great, the revered Mississippi River and I, Katie Baldonieri, was in the driver's seat. We managed to calm down and finish the drive to our friend Annie's house in Rochester through the rain.

The Ytterbergs were the BEST! They had a bed or comfy couch for all 5 of us and even cooked a delicious dinner of local buffalo and veggie burgers. After a tour of the lovely city, we returned home to play a rousing game of "Where in the US is Carmen Sandiego" (won, of course, by Sophie and Katie). We are watching Clueless and getting ready for bed soon.

Off to our first camping destination tomorrow morning, where we'll be seeing the grand landmark of Mount Rushmore. The Badlands, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are our next 3 stops, meaning that we will probably not be posting until we arrive in the Emerald City, until then.


  1. Clueless, the perfect movie for the 5 of you!
    Should I worry now? A week in the woods...UGH! Have fun & be safe!

  2. Day two in the woods...I hope you ladies are ok???