Sunday, June 13, 2010

MANY Visitors Have Been Gored by Buffalo!

We headed to Yellowstone NP on Tuesday, with the thought of BEARS on our minds. As we entered the Park and then to our site, we were warned multiple times of the dangers and frequency of bears in the Park, WE WERE IN BEAR-ITORY! We got in rather late and searched for a dry campsite (it took us 4 tries, but luckily we had a very nice woman helping us out). We had our first hot meal in a few days consisting of Moon Pies and Hot Dogs...although we did have some trouble with the fire building. The next day we saw Moose, a Bear and some Bison on our way to see Old Faithful. We did a short 1/2 mile hike to a look-out to watch the geyser erupt amid MANY bears. We then had delicious frozen yogurt at the historic Yellowstone Inn.

We passed the Continental Divide on our short 30ish mile drive to and from Old Faithful. That night we feasted on pasta and green beans for dinner. It was VERY cold sleeping at the park due to off and on rain. We did get to shower at the park and it was the best, warm and without a time limit.

More to come about GNP.

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